Stephani Briggs

Stephani Briggs is a luxury jeweler, creating one-of-a-kind and bespoke jewelry that transforms into intimate objects of engagement. She’s a true maker of experiences.

Fusing a time honored technique with a distinct vision of beauty, Stephani Briggs hand selects each extraordinary stone. Carrying with her a reflection of the journey's wonder, she fashions her experiences into jewelry compositions using the finest material.


Her expert touch and integrity is present at every stage of the process. By transforming her creative experience into objects that engage, each piece is imbued with a unique story that forms a timeless connection with the wearer.

Heating and refining the material through fundamental processes, the work is infused with an alchemical spirit. Honoring traditional construction and hand-brushed finishing, the quality of the precious materials is reflected in every piece.


Meticulously inspected, with attention to every detail, the exquisite jewelry of Stephani Briggs embraces the unique experience of the wearer. Instilled with beauty and meaning, each piece becomes an object of engagement with the world, creating meaningful experiences for the wearer time and time again.


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